Slot Overview: The Great Gatsby Megaways

In this online slot game by Relax Gaming, you are cordially invited to the piggiest party of the year. The Great Pigsby Megaways is a Megaways slot game with four progressive jackpots added by Relax Gaming in 2022. The original The Great Pigsby was published in 2019 and was followed by The Great Pigsby Megapays in 2022. The difference between this and the Megapays version is minimal, with the exception of the absence of a jackpot. The final product is a high-class slot machine with features like stacked wilds, free games, re-spins, and the Great Gatsby feature.

The Great Pigsby Megaways takes place at a lavish mansion reminiscent to Jay Gatsby’s mansion in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The sound of the swing band is muted by the house’s walls when you’re outside, but the celebration really gets going once you step inside. The gameplay and images haven’t altered much, if at all, but they’re a classy depiction of the kind of life pigs with a lot of money can lead, which reinforces the association between pigs and money in online slots.

Each spin of The Great Pigsby Megaways’s reels reveals anywhere from 2 to 7 symbols across the 6 reels. The maximum number of possible winning combinations ranges from 64 to 117,649. The Great Pigsby Megaways is a high-variance slot machine with a return to player value of 96.08% and a staggering 20,000x maximum win. You may play on any device, and the stakes range from 10 cents to £/€50 every round.

There are ten standard pay symbols, half of which have modest payouts and half of which have mid- to high-paying potential. Royals in the golden Art Deco typeface from 10 to A pay out at 0.4 times the wager for a full house, while landing six cigars and whiskey, gramophones, tiaras, lady pigs, or gentlemen pigs pays out at 0.5 to 3 times the wager. When a reel 2-6 wild symbol appears, it will expand to fill the entire reel. The amount of active wilds on a reel is displayed by the expanded wilds, and they can replace any standard pay symbol.

Slot Functions in The Great Gatsby Megaways

When a wild symbol appears, it not only grows to fill a whole reel but also drops a handful of money into the Piggy Bank. There is a chance of triggering free spins, Great Pigsby Re-spins, or Wild Re-spins whenever coins are added to the Piggy Bank.

Honest Pigs Re-spin

Before the reels stop spinning, this bonus activates, and anywhere from three to nine of the highest paying Pigsby symbols are added to the board at random.

Extreme Reversal

Before the reels stop spinning, this bonus turns anywhere from two to five of them absolutely wild. Full reel wilds, as is customary, have a counter showing how many individual wild symbols comprise the wild reel.

Bonus Turns

When this bonus round begins, you will receive ten free games. Scatter symbols award an extra +2 free games and eliminate one of the low-paying royal symbols from the reels whenever they appear. At that point, a different, non-royal emblem takes the place of the one that was taken away. When all royals have been eliminated from the reels in ascending order, only scatter symbols will give the +2 free spins.

Slot Review: The Great Gatsby Megaways

I was both drawn to and repulsed by life’s infinite variety, as expressed by the aphoristic phrase “I was within and without.” After contemplating the lifestyles of the wealthy, Nick Carraway makes this observation in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless masterpiece The Great Gatsby. Since almost everything in The Great Pigsby Megaways is also included in The Great Pigsby Megapays, give or take a few important elements, it is safe to say that the latter does not provide the same amount of variation. Even if the jackpots are disappeared, players may still have fun with The Great Pigsby Megaways. Fans of the affluent pig theme in online slots will find a lot to savor here.

One oddity is the way features are activated. Wild symbols are rarely used to such an extent. The Piggy Bank will signal to the player when one of the respins bonuses or the free spins round is ready to be activated, so they won’t accidentally trigger all three bonuses at once. Thanks to the increasing full reel wilds, the base game doesn’t seem like a boring appetizer. To be clear, the value of the wild does not act as a multiplier for wins; rather, it indicates the total number of wild symbols that make up an entire reel.

The three films are just as wonderful as they were in The Great Gatsby Megaplexes. I’ll admit there were dry spells where nothing much happened, but they all have the potential to provide the goods when lady luck is on your side. Since the jackpots have been eliminated, the entire RTP is available for normal play, and the maximum win on The Great Pigsby Megaways is 50,000 coins.

Despite the success Relax Gaming has had with its Great Pigsby idea, The Great Pigsby Megaways is only a minor refinement. Actually, it doesn’t contribute much to expand the genre, as it’s just The Great Pigsby Megapays without four jackpots. Fans of Pigsby who were hoping to be invited to a free-for-all freak show should perhaps lower their expectations. The Great Pigsby Megaways are fine, but they represent more of a cautious shuffle than a blind dive into the unknown.






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